A Thought for Japan

by Yoyo

Japan is a place I have never been to but still call my home. All the friends I know from there are safe, but everyone who is in the disaster is still toiling without electricity, lost from loved ones. Although I am not religious, I am still praying for everyone who is over there because atheists and agnostics are hard pressed for an alternative other than to hope and make donations.

I sincerely want to fly out there and be of some help, if only I could scrape together the money. Japan is the home that makes me laugh when I am sad, or comforts me when I am alone.

For the few readers that come to this humble comic and blog, please make a donation here if you can.

The stories of help that are going through to Japan is very touching, but there’s still a lot left to do.

I hope that everything can be done to help them.